FORUM: Alternative Therapies

The choices I made in my initial 30 years of life exposed my right shoulder to chronic over-use and sporadic injury trauma resulting from my participation in sports (archery, baseball, tennis, bowling, volleyball, golf, mountain biking); job activities (restocking shelves, pressure-cooking chicken, moving to a new residence); sustenance fishing (pier, jetty, boat); and accidents (rafting, … Continue reading FORUM: Alternative Therapies

FORUM: Pandemic Updates

Linked news articles cover ontogenesis of Pandemic microbes, prevention and mitigation efforts, and substantive repercussions. Some of the linked articles cite topically-relevant scientific publications. Posts are ordered from most (top) to least (bottom) current. (7/20/2021): Nightmare scenario unfolding: (7/28/2021): Many giant corporations requiring employee vaccination: (7/16/2021): Counter-productive mask-wearing decision-making by US and UK … Continue reading FORUM: Pandemic Updates

FORUM: Initial Findings of the Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine Efficacy Trial Are Confounded

The initial report on concurrent Phase-3 clinical trials assessing safety and efficacy of Oxford-AstraZeneca (Ox-AZ) COVID-19 vaccine is a superb example of Simpson’s Paradox—arguably the greatest threat to validity of statistical analysis in empirical science. I discuss the confounded Ox-AZ analysis in the context of the prevention of paradoxical findings. The Insidious Problem of Simpson’s … Continue reading FORUM: Initial Findings of the Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine Efficacy Trial Are Confounded

FORUM: Tea Time with Yarnold

I was in my second year as an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Northwestern University Medical School. I worked in the Department of General Internal Medicine, which addresses an enormous range of ailments, conditions and situations. Simultaneously I held a position as an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Academic Psychology at the University of Illinois at … Continue reading FORUM: Tea Time with Yarnold


My fascination with hobby rocketry began in Arizona (4th grade), and resurfaced in Virginia (7th grade): both times I experimented with low-power rockets. I never wished to stop working with rockets, but my family moved often—usually to places which were not amenable to the flying of model rockets. Fast-forward to 2005, and I just survived … Continue reading FORUM: BAR