Statistical Power Analysis in ODA, CTA and Novometrics (Invited)

Nathaniel J. Rhodes

Chicago College of Pharmacy, and the Pharmacometrics Center of Excellence, Midwestern University

Statistical power analysis simulation results are provided for determining the “worst-case” sample size assuming minimal measurement precision and relatively weak or moderate effect strengths. In simulated trials with relatively weak effects (ESS = 24%), greater than 80% and greater than 90% power is achieved for equal sample sizes for unit-weighted analyses of one comparison at n = 70 and n= 90 subjects per group. For simulated trials with moderate effects (ESS=48%) greater than 80 and greater than 90% power was achieved for the same conditions at n = 20 and n = 25 subjects per group. A simulation-based approach is useful for determining the “worst-case” sample sizes in various applications.

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