Novometric vs. Logit Analysis: Abortion Attitude by Religion and Time

Paul R. Yarnold

Optimal Data Analysis, LLC

Prior research using logit analysis to model abortion attitude (oppose=0; favor=2) as a function of religion (Protestant=1; Catholic=2; Jewish=3; Other=4) and time (1972=72; 1978=78) found: “The best fitting model…has separate effects for being Catholic or non-Catholic and for being Protestant or non-Protestant. The categories of Jewish and Other have no separate effects and are implicitly grouped or collapsed together. The result is a religious trichotomy. …The odds on a favorable response are identical in both years: .89 for Protestants, .64 for Catholics, and 3.44 for Jews and Others” (pp. 70-72). For these data exploratory novometric analysis predicting abortion attitude (class variable) as a function of religion (multicategorical attribute) and time (ordered attribute) identified a parsimonious, relatively weak model with stable classification training and LOO performance.

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