Novometric Comparison of Patient Satisfaction with Nurse Responsiveness Over Successive Quarters

Paul R. Yarnold

Optimal Data Analysis, LLC

A segmentation printout or “banner pass” constitutes a consolidated crosstabulation of user/customer responses to specific prompts, for desired reporting periods and/or organizational units. In this study a total of 6,005 hospital patients rated their satisfaction with time for a nurse to respond to the call button (1=very dissatisfied; 2=somewhat dissatisfied; 3=neutral; 4=somewhat satisfied; 5=very satisfied). Responses were consolidated into successive fiscal quarters (1=3rd Quarter, 1989; 2=4th Quarter, 1989; 3=1st Quarter, 1990; 4=2nd Quarter, 1990). Novometric analysis is used to evaluate the statistical and ecological significance of satisfaction gains observed over time.

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