ODA vs. Log-Linear Model: Gender and Surgical Operation

Paul R. Yarnold

Optimal Data Analysis, LLC

Prior research modeled surgical operation (dummy-coded as 1=neurosurgery; 2=ophthalmology; 3=otorhinolaryngology, 4=vascular-cardiac; 5=thoracic; 6=abdominal; 7=urological; 8=breast; 9=orthopedic; 10=plastic; 11=oral-dental; 12=biopsy) as a function of gender using a log-linear model of: “…quasi-perfect mobility. In this model the main diagonal entries are fixed to their observed values, and the off-diagonal entries are estimated as in a model of quasi-independence” (p. 65). Regardless of the modality of maximum-accuracy analysis used with these data, a single optimal model emerged.

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