GenODA Structural Decomposition vs. Log-Linear Model of One-Step Markov Transition Data: Stability and Change in Male Geographic Mobility in 1944-1951 and 1951-1953

Paul R. Yarnold

Optimal Data Analysis, LLC

Prior research modeled one-step Markov transition data indicating geographic mobility of American males after WWII, across time, via log-linear analysis. Results revealed: “…most men stayed in their initial regions…but the observed values on the main diagonal are lower in the first matrix, suggesting that the geographic mobility process may not have remained constant over the full period. …Of course, with more than 26,000 cases involved, finding an acceptable fit for anything less than the saturated model is difficult” (p. 56). In this exposition the Gen algorithm is used to conduct structural decomposition analysis (SDA) to identify underlying structural patterns involving stable vs. changing geographic location over time.

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