Triage Algorithm for Chest Radiography for Community-Acquired Pneumonia of Emergency Department Patients: Missing Data Cripples Research

Paul R. Yarnold

Optimal Data Analysis, LLC

Novometric analysis is used to develop a triage algorithm for rapid ordering of chest radiography for community-acquired pneumonia (CAP), for a retrospective Emergency Department-based matched case-control study providing data on attributes assessed for 100 radiographic confirmed cases of both CAP and influenza-like illness (ILI). Results for the least complex model revealed intake temperature exceeding 99.25°F was 73.9% sensitive [exact discrete 95% confidence interval (CI): 62.5-84.4%] and 67.9% specific (95% CI: 57.1-78.3%). Analysis was compromised by missing data so novometry was conducted omitting structural decomposition analysis in order to evaluate underlying potential of the attributes. Findings illustrate how missing data limit the fruitfulness of empirical research.

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