UniODA vs. Kappa: Evaluating the Long-Term (27-Year) Test-Retest Reliability of the Type A Behavior Pattern

Paul R. Yarnold

Optimal Data Analysis, LLC

This 27-year follow-up investigated long-term stability of Type A behavior (TAB) for 1,180 surviving participants in the Western Collaborative Group Study. The kappa statistic was used to assess reliability among and between self- and Structured Interview-based TAB assessments. Results indicated fair temporal reliability for self-assessments (kappa=0.39), moderate temporal reliability for Interview-assessments (0.24), and low parallel-forms reliability for self and Interview assessments at intake (0.16) or follow-up (0.11). In contrast, for these data UniODA found relatively strong temporal reliability for self-assessments (ESS=50.2), and weak effects for all other estimates (ESS<23.3).

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