MegaODA Large Sample and BIG DATA Time Trials: Maximum Velocity Analysis

Paul R. Yarnold & Robert C. Soltysik

Optimal Data Analysis, LLC

This third time trial of newly-released MegaODA™ software studies the fastest-to-analyze application, known as a 2×2 cross-classification table. Designs involving unweighted binary data are arguably currently the most widely employed across quantitative scientific disciplines as well as engineering fields including communications, graphics, data compression, real-time processing and autonomous synthetic decision-making, among others. The present simulation research is run on a 3 GHz Intel Pentium D microcomputer and reveals MegaODA returns the exact one- or two-tailed Type I error rate, as well as all of the other classification-relevant statistics provided in UniODA analysis, in fractions of a CPU second for samples of a million observations.

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