Assessing Technician, Nurse, and Doctor Ratings as Predictors of Overall Satisfaction of Emergency Room Patients: A Maximum-Accuracy Multiple Regression Analysis

Paul R. Yarnold

Optimal Data Analysis, LLC

This study extends recent quality-of-care research undertaken to enhance understanding of ratings of overall satisfaction with care received as an Emergency Room (ER) patient. Multiple regression analysis, optimized by UniODA to maximize predictive accuracy, was used to separately evaluate the ability of ratings of technicians (n=535), nurses (n=1,800) and doctors (n=1,806) seen in the ER to predict overall satisfaction. Results showed that the classification accuracy, as assessed using ESS, which was achieved by optimized MRA models of overall satisfaction was moderate for ratings of technicians (39.6) and nurses (42.0), and relatively strong for ratings of doctors (50.9). Illustrations show how the method works.

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