Maximum-Accuracy Multiple Regression Analysis: Influence of Registration on Overall Satisfaction Ratings of Emergency Room Patients

Paul R. Yarnold

Optimal Data Analysis, LLC

Quality improvement research conducted in an effort to obtain and maintain the maximum possible level of patient satisfaction is an on-going process at many hospitals. This study analyzes survey data from 773 patients receiving care at a private Midwestern hospital’s Emergency Room (ER). Multiple regression analysis, optimized by UniODA to maximize predictive accuracy, was used to assess the extent to which ratings concerning the registration process are predictive of overall satisfaction ratings. Results indicated that ratings of helpfulness of the triage nurse, ease of the process to obtain insurance/billing information, waiting time before going to the treatment area, and convenience of parking together explained 50.1% of the variance in overall satisfaction ratings, corresponding to moderate accuracy (ESS=32.8). The maximum accuracy was obtained using UniODA to adjust model decision thresholds, and improved by 20.1% but remained moderately strong (ESS=39.4).

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