Comparing MMPI-2 F-K Index Normative Data among Male and Female Psychiatric and Head-Injured Patients, Individuals Seeking Disability Benefits, Police and Priest Job Applicants, and Substance Abusers

Paul R. Yarnold

Optimal Data Analysis, LLC

Used as a validity indicator with the MMPI-2, the F-K Index helps to identify people who may over- or under-report psychological issues. Prior research obtained normative data on this index for males and females sampled in a variety of settings, and visual examination of resulting score distributions suggested: “The F-K score distributions appear to differ across the different samples of diagnostic and job applicant samples, as the clinical profiles of these groups would be expected to differ from one another. …Thus, no single set of cutoff scores should be used to judge the motivation or validity of clinical profiles of subjects from different clinical or normative populations” (p. 9). Exploratory novometric analysis is used to predict F-K score as a function of gender and setting in order to establish the existence and assess the strength of the hypothesized inter-sample differences in F-K score distributions.

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