Novometric Analysis vs. EO-CTA: Disentangling Sets of Sign-Test-Based Multiple-Comparison Findings

Paul R. Yarnold

Optimal Data Analysis, LLC

Prior empirical comparison of the timeline follow-back (TLFB, dummy-coded as 1) vs. Drinker Profile (DP, coded as 2) methods of quantifying alcohol consumption in treatment research reported pairwise sign tests comparing these methods separately on four categorical ordinal outcomes: abstinent=1; light=2; moderate=3; heavy=4. It was concluded: “The direction of differences for the abstinent and medium categories approached significance (with unprotected alpha criterion at .05) with the DP more often yielding higher estimates of abstinent days and lower estimates of medium days. The DP significantly more often yielded lower estimates of light days”. This example is used to illustrate and compare the use of CTA vs. novometric analysis to disentangle sets of pairwise comparison outcomes.

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