Finding Joy in the Past, Present, and Future: The Relationship Between Type A Behavior and Savoring Beliefs Among College Undergraduates

Fred B. Bryant & Paul R. Yarnold

Optimal Data Analysis, LLC

Prior research investigating savoring behaviors and Type A behavior (TAB) found that extreme Type A undergraduates are most likely to score in the highest quintile on self-congratulation, and in the lowest three quintiles on memory-building. This study used scores on past-, present-, and future-focused savoring beliefs to discriminate 117 extreme Type A versus 131 extreme Type B college undergraduates. Univariate statistical analysis conducted via UniODA revealed that compared to extreme Type Bs, extreme Type As had significantly greater reminiscence (past focus) and anticipation (future focus) scores, and also had marginally greater savor the moment (present focus) scores. Multivariate analysis via CTA identified a single-attribute model involving a three-branch parse: extreme Type Bs are substantially more likely than extreme Type As to score at lowest levels on anticipation; extreme As and Bs are comparably likely to score at moderate levels on anticipation; and extreme Type As are modestly more likely than extreme Type Bs to score at the highest levels on anticipation.

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