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COVID, Fishing, Rocketry and More

Blog Posts Written and Experienced by Dr. Paul R. Yarnold

  • FORUM: Level-1
    I first flew model rockets when I was in elementary school, but didn’t have opportunity to advance to more powerful machines until much later in life. When I joined the Tripoli Rocketry Association (TRA) thirty years later I was surprised and excited to learn how hobby rocketry had advanced during my hiatus. I began building … Continue reading FORUM: Level-1
  • FORUM: My First Wahoo
    I was living my dream to be an angler aboard a long-range, stand-up, ten-day, deep-sea fishing trip departing in October from America’s Cup Harbor in San Diego. I’d been preparing for two years for this trip while recuperating from a cardiac arrest, reading everything I could find and mail-ordering equipment I’d need on the trip. … Continue reading FORUM: My First Wahoo
  • FORUM: Friends and Enemies
    A second-year graduate student at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), I was working on completing most of my remaining mandatory coursework, and compiling the literature needed to write my proposal for a Master of Arts degree in academic health psychology. At that time literature reviews were conducted manually in the library—there was no … Continue reading FORUM: Friends and Enemies
  • FORUM: Joyful Surprise
    I was born in the dawn of the space race, 15 months before the USSR launched the first artificial Earth satellite, Sputnik 1, into an elliptical low Earth orbit. The excitement of the ensuing space race—what it required of and discovered for humanity, influenced the course of my life until today. My parents said, though … Continue reading FORUM: Joyful Surprise
  • FORUM: Monkey Island
    Ross and I were on our second trip to Panama for another week of in-shore angling. The weather was calm so we did a bit of exploring in-between fishing stops. A guide spoke of a near-by place called “Monkey Island.” He said he could take us on a short skiff ride to a small island … Continue reading FORUM: Monkey Island

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