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  • FORUM: Three-Over-Two
    Concluding my morning walk along the fishing docks, I took the stairs to the second floor of the Point Loma Sportfishing building. I wanted to wish Lori, who runs the American Angler business office, a great morning and a wonderful day. The “Double A,” as anglers affectionately call the boat, is one of the celebrated … Continue reading FORUM: Three-Over-Two
  • FORUM: Sports
    Athletic activity has served me well as a favored pastime throughout my life. For me, athletics is an enjoyable method of reversing physical withering resulting from long periods of primarily motionless sitting when working at a desk. Athletics provides an applied setting in which to employ scientific and engineering knowledge and evaluate specific measurable personal … Continue reading FORUM: Sports
  • FORUM: Falling
    Seven months ago, an endodontic dentist performed a root canal upon me to “cure” a parulis condition. When I arrived for the procedure an office worker called my insurance company and learned that only $200 of the $1,000 total cost of the procedure was covered. I paid the $800 difference and was told that the … Continue reading FORUM: Falling
  • FORUM: Macho Fireworks
    Presently I live in Chicago in a fifth-floor apartment facing Lake Michigan—about half a block away. On the 4th of July—ten days ago, after darkness set in a bit past nine o’clock, a hoard of inebriated amateur pyromaniacs began flaunting their arsenals of consumer-class fireworks. As usual, their displays demonstrated a dearth of individuality: impotent … Continue reading FORUM: Macho Fireworks
  • FORUM: My Big Yellowtail
    I was one of 24 anglers aboard the American Angler on a 10-day long-range fishing trip to Alijos (“Ah-lay-Os”) Rocks, a group of tiny, steep, barren volcanic islands in the Pacific Ocean located 190 miles west of the Mexican mainland, and 550 miles south of San Diego. Charted on Spanish maps since 1598, Alijos Rocks … Continue reading FORUM: My Big Yellowtail

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2 thoughts on “Paul “Plan-it” Yarnold

  1. Hello Paul. I am one of Professor Bryant’s former mentees, and he introduced you to our class sometime during my course work. I graduated from Loyola during 2012 and have been collecting data regarding a human rights issue since then. Upon speaking with Patrick Harrison regarding the data I have been collecting he suggested that I contact you as he believes the best statistical analysis will be Classification Tree Analysis (Patrick was also one of Fred’s mentees). I would be honored to speak with you regarding the project as well as the corresponding dataset. If you are available, please contact me at (360) 603-1021.

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