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Blog Posts Written and Experienced by Dr. Paul R. Yarnold

  • FORUM: Discrimination
    My Mother’s family was captured by KGB in the first week of WWII. Her dad, my beloved Grandfather, was an estate owner and Officer in the Polish Cavalry. The eldest of three children, Mom was in third grade when two Russian soldiers armed with machine guns entered her classroom and announced her name. Standing at … Continue reading FORUM: Discrimination
  • FORUM: Solos
    Thus far my only solo conducting performance, which I don’t personally recall, occurred in Chicago when I was in my fourth year. Mom, my younger sister Suzy and I were sitting on a blanket on the lawn near the stage of the outdoor amphitheater where the Philharmonic Orchestra was performing on a beautiful summer day … Continue reading FORUM: Solos
  • FORUM: First Time Treating
    Friends in graduate school (, Head, Grauton, Rayton and I lived by Lake Michigan on Chicago’s north side. School was done and we were working—some of us part-time. Still single, we enjoyed hanging out together when our schedules allowed. I was teaching part-time at University of Illinois, financially scraping by. I’d interviewed for a position … Continue reading FORUM: First Time Treating
  • FORUM: Alternative Therapies
    The choices I made in my initial 30 years of life exposed my right shoulder to chronic over-use and sporadic injury trauma resulting from my participation in sports (archery, baseball, tennis, bowling, volleyball, golf, mountain biking); job activities (restocking shelves, pressure-cooking chicken, moving to a new residence); sustenance fishing (pier, jetty, boat); and accidents (rafting, … Continue reading FORUM: Alternative Therapies
  • FORUM: Fishing Submarine
    I was a plebe long-range fisherman leaving from San Diego on an October 10-day trip. We were heading south into Mexican water to fish for pelagic species along “the ridge,” a very long, narrow highpoint which parallels the coast and rapidly disappears into water thousands of feet deep. Perhaps because it is the time of … Continue reading FORUM: Fishing Submarine

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