FORUM: Accelerating Climate Change and Associated Disasters

Forecasts based on legacy statistical methods have radically underestimated the pace and extent of global warming. Associated silique such as storm intensity and frequency, greenhouse gas emissions, infrastructure failures, famines, epidemics, and organic extinctions will accelerate and exacerbate. May 20, 2021: Unparalleled Arctic Climate: May 24, 2021: "Economic forecasts predicting the potential impact of … Continue reading FORUM: Accelerating Climate Change and Associated Disasters

FORUM: Predicting Sea-Level Rise

An accumulation of current research hypothesizes that if global warming continues at the current pace then sea-level rise will probably surpass the most extreme projections. Consideration of two incontrovertible observations magnifies the veracity of this proclamation. First, the assumption that the increase in future global warming will continue at the current pace is invalid. Warming … Continue reading FORUM: Predicting Sea-Level Rise

FORUM: Exercise on Deck

Half a century of learning and practicing transformed me into an excellent big-game fisherman. Well-trained and equipped, and highly-experienced, my hand and foot reflexes were fast, my technique was classic, and I was strong and flexible. I had good endurance, hiking seven miles daily in Point Loma—locally called “Tunaville.” In the mornings when the overnight … Continue reading FORUM: Exercise on Deck