FORUM: Predicting Sea-Level Rise

An accumulation of current research hypothesizes that if global warming continues at the current pace then sea-level rise will probably surpass the most extreme projections. Consideration of two incontrovertible observations magnifies the veracity of this proclamation. First, the assumption that the increase in future global warming will continue at the current pace is invalid. Warming … Continue reading FORUM: Predicting Sea-Level Rise

FORUM: Exercise on Deck

Half a century of learning and practicing transformed me into an excellent big-game fisherman. Well-trained and equipped, and highly-experienced, my hand and foot reflexes were fast, my technique was classic, and I was strong and flexible. I had good endurance, hiking seven miles daily in Point Loma—locally called “Tunaville.” In the mornings when the overnight … Continue reading FORUM: Exercise on Deck

FORUM: Preventing Seasickness

As a young teenager in the early 1970s I sailed on three different half-day fishing trips departing from Art’s Landing in Newport Beach, California. I sought Pacific bonito—a staple component of my family’s diet: fresh we loved it grilled, otherwise it was delicious smoked. Affectionately nicknamed Boneheads—perhaps in tribute to their appreciation of bait, bonito … Continue reading FORUM: Preventing Seasickness

FORUM: Making Your Facemask Fit Perfectly

People who’ve operated a vehicle powered by an internal combustion engine are probably at least somewhat familiar with an air filter, if for no other reason than it is periodically replaced in standard maintenance. Air filters are also essential components in heating and cooling, electronic, and mass transportation systems, to name a few. Clean particle-free … Continue reading FORUM: Making Your Facemask Fit Perfectly

FORUM: Alternative Therapies

The choices I made in my initial 30 years of life exposed my right shoulder to chronic over-use and sporadic injury trauma resulting from my participation in sports (archery, baseball, tennis, bowling, volleyball, golf, mountain biking); job activities (restocking shelves, pressure-cooking chicken, moving to a new residence); sustenance fishing (pier, jetty, boat); and accidents (rafting, … Continue reading FORUM: Alternative Therapies

FORUM: Pandemic Updates

Linked news articles cover ontogenesis of Pandemic microbes, prevention and mitigation efforts, and substantive repercussions. Some of the linked articles cite topically-relevant scientific publications. Posts are ordered from most (top) to least (bottom) current. (4/12/2021): New polypeptide could provide universal protection against coronaviruses: (4/1/2021): Continuing vaccine manufacturing errors are bizarre--are quality assurance engineers "working … Continue reading FORUM: Pandemic Updates