FORUM: First Time Treating

Friends in graduate school (, Head, Grauton, Rayton and I lived by Lake Michigan on Chicago’s north side. School was done and we were working—some of us part-time. Still single, we enjoyed hanging out together when our schedules allowed. I was teaching part-time at University of Illinois, financially scraping by. I’d interviewed for a position … Continue reading FORUM: First Time Treating

FORUM: Alternative Therapies

The choices I made in my initial 30 years of life exposed my right shoulder to chronic over-use and sporadic injury trauma resulting from my participation in sports (archery, baseball, tennis, bowling, volleyball, golf, mountain biking); job activities (restocking shelves, pressure-cooking chicken, moving to a new residence); sustenance fishing (pier, jetty, boat); and accidents (rafting, … Continue reading FORUM: Alternative Therapies

FORUM: Pandemic Updates

Linked news articles cover ontogenesis of Pandemic microbes, prevention and mitigation efforts, and substantive repercussions. Some of the linked articles cite topically-relevant scientific publications. Posts are ordered from most (top) to least (bottom) current. (1/20/21) Israel reports single shot of Pfizer vaccine is less effective than was expected: (1/18/21) L452R coronavirus variant was first … Continue reading FORUM: Pandemic Updates

FORUM: Initial Findings of the Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine Efficacy Trial Are Confounded

The initial report on concurrent Phase-3 clinical trials assessing safety and efficacy of Oxford-AstraZeneca (Ox-AZ) COVID-19 vaccine is a superb example of Simpson’s Paradox—arguably the greatest threat to validity of statistical analysis in empirical science. I discuss the confounded Ox-AZ analysis in the context of the prevention of paradoxical findings. The Insidious Problem of Simpson’s … Continue reading FORUM: Initial Findings of the Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine Efficacy Trial Are Confounded

FORUM: Tea Time with Yarnold

I was in my second year as an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Northwestern University Medical School. I worked in the Department of General Internal Medicine, which addresses an enormous range of ailments, conditions and situations. Simultaneously I held a position as an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Academic Psychology at the University of Illinois at … Continue reading FORUM: Tea Time with Yarnold

FORUM: Recognizing Gifts

Two dear friends listened to me read aloud my post, “Step-by-Step” ( They asked me if I recalled when others first began to recognize “gifts” which I was given. I had never considered this question, but I was pleasantly surprised to immediately recall two such incidences. As I began to write this story, I recalled … Continue reading FORUM: Recognizing Gifts

FORUM: Level-3

“Level-3” (L3) is the most advanced certification level that an amateur rocketeer can achieve from the Tripoli Rocketry Association (TRA:, or from the National Association of Rocketry (NAR: Only those rocketeers possessing L3 certification are authorized to fly the largest classes of motors. Rocket motors are broadly categorized by the total energy produced … Continue reading FORUM: Level-3


My fascination with hobby rocketry began in Arizona (4th grade), and resurfaced in Virginia (7th grade): both times I experimented with low-power rockets. I never wished to stop working with rockets, but my family moved often—usually to places which were not amenable to the flying of model rockets. Fast-forward to 2005, and I just survived … Continue reading FORUM: BAR

FORUM: Chicago Mini-Tsunami

A large body of research from around the globe reports that same-day barometric pressure and temperature are related to bone and muscle pain ratings made by humans. • This is as (perhaps even more) apropos for bony fresh- and salt-water fish, and it may be particularly true for freshwater species living in shallow, constricted … Continue reading FORUM: Chicago Mini-Tsunami

FORUM: Power-Lining Coho Salmon

Coho salmon are a popular game fish species in the States bordering Lake Michigan, including Illinois (; Michigan (; Indiana (; and last but not least, Wisconsin ( Coho are a prized species targeted by shore anglers. Catching them from shore is possible because small groups of coho cruise the shoreline within the range of … Continue reading FORUM: Power-Lining Coho Salmon

FORUM: Match the Hatch

My fishing compadre Tony taught me to fish Lake Michigan salmonids from shore, in locations within a one-day fishing/round-trip-car-drive from northern Chicago. Typically the best fishing required travelling south to Michigan (Berrien Springs at the Dam, St. Joseph River), or travelling north to Wisconsin (Waukegan, Kenosha). In our first trip we successfully targeted Chinook salmon … Continue reading FORUM: Match the Hatch