FORUM: Exercise on Deck

Half a century of learning and practicing transformed me into an excellent big-game fisherman. Well-trained and equipped, and highly-experienced, my hand and foot reflexes were fast, my technique was classic, and I was strong and flexible. I had good endurance, hiking seven miles daily in Point Loma—locally called “Tunaville.” In the mornings when the overnight … Continue reading FORUM: Exercise on Deck

FORUM: Preventing Seasickness

As a young teenager in the early 1970s I sailed on three different half-day fishing trips departing from Art’s Landing in Newport Beach, California. I sought Pacific bonito—a staple component of my family’s diet: fresh we loved it grilled, otherwise it was delicious smoked. Affectionately nicknamed Boneheads—perhaps in tribute to their appreciation of bait, bonito … Continue reading FORUM: Preventing Seasickness

FORUM: Match the Hatch

My fishing compadre Tony taught me to fish Lake Michigan salmonids from shore, in locations within a one-day fishing/round-trip-car-drive from northern Chicago. Typically the best fishing required travelling south to Michigan (Berrien Springs at the Dam, St. Joseph River), or travelling north to Wisconsin (Waukegan, Kenosha). However, in the month of April, northern Chicago offers … Continue reading FORUM: Match the Hatch

FORUM: King Salmon in the Root River

For decades I monitored the start of the fall salmonid spawn run in north-eastern Illinois and south-eastern Wisconsin, along dammed lake-run rivers (and one power-plant discharge channel) spilling into Lake Michigan. When the water flow rate is high these streams propel scents associated with spawning fish out into the Lake, leaving a “trail of crumbs” … Continue reading FORUM: King Salmon in the Root River