FORUM: Chicago Mini-Tsunami

A large body of research from around the globe reports that same-day barometric pressure and temperature are related to bone and muscle pain ratings made by humans. • This is as (perhaps even more) apropos for bony fresh- and salt-water fish, and it may be particularly true for freshwater species living in shallow, constricted … Continue reading FORUM: Chicago Mini-Tsunami

FORUM: Power-Lining Coho Salmon

Coho salmon are a popular game fish species in the States bordering Lake Michigan, including Illinois (; Michigan (; Indiana (; and last but not least, Wisconsin ( Coho are a prized species targeted by shore anglers. Catching them from shore is possible because small groups of coho cruise the shoreline within the range of … Continue reading FORUM: Power-Lining Coho Salmon

FORUM: Match the Hatch

My fishing compadre Tony taught me to fish Lake Michigan salmonids from shore, in locations within a one-day fishing/round-trip-car-drive from northern Chicago. Typically the best fishing required travelling south to Michigan (Berrien Springs at the Dam, St. Joseph River), or travelling north to Wisconsin (Waukegan, Kenosha). In our first trip we successfully targeted Chinook salmon … Continue reading FORUM: Match the Hatch

FORUM: King Salmon in the Root River

For decades I monitored the start of the fall salmonid spawn run in north-eastern Illinois and south-eastern Wisconsin, along dammed lake-run rivers (and one power-plant discharge channel) spilling into Lake Michigan. When the water flow rate is high these streams propel scents associated with spawning fish out into the Lake, leaving a “trail of crumbs” … Continue reading FORUM: King Salmon in the Root River