FORUM: Pandemic Updates

Linked news articles cover ontogenesis of Pandemic microbes, prevention and mitigation efforts, and substantive repercussions. Some of the linked articles cite topically-relevant scientific publications. Posts are ordered from most (top) to least (bottom) current.

(2/22/2021) Severity and scope of long-term consequences of COVID-19 infection described as “second pandemic”:

(2/21/2021) What terminal patients with severe COVID-19 infection experience:

(2/20/2021) New variant now in 13 countries, including US:

(2/19/2021) People who recovered from COVID-19 infection should have ONE vaccine shot:

(2/18/2021) 130 nations have received zero vaccine–this callous disregard of richer nations for poorer nations threatens to create a virus-storm of multiple mutation and recombination events:

(2/17/2021) Initial evidence of mutant recombination of COVID-LA and COVID-UK:

(2/15/2021) The appearance of so many similar COVID-19 mutations at the same time around the world is remarkable, already accounting for 2,327 of 102,462 genomes deposited to GISAID from the USA:

(2/11/2021) Almost unanimous shortcomings and failures make it increasingly clear that global decision-making concerning global events such as pandemics must exclude ALL politicians from any aspect of the decision-making process:

(2/7/21) A tragedy unfolding in Brazil today, which has world-wide implications:

(2/6/21) The link between climate change and coronavirus:

(2/6/21) Leaving anyone unvaccinated allows the virus a free-hand at mutation:

(2/2/21) Germany, Austria, France and Sweden restrict Oxford-AstraZeneka vaccine to people under 65 years of age–an established risk factor for serious complications and negative outcomes:

(2/2/21) Russian vaccine trial reports excellent results:

(1/31/21) Israeli who recovered from COVID-19 now infected with COVID-South Africa:

(1/30/21) US Congressman tests positive for COVID-19 after having had both Pfizer vaccine shots:

(1/30/21) CDC (finally) issues mask mandate for all transportation modalities in US:

(1/29/21) Johnson & Johnson reports their one-shot COVID-19 vaccine was 72% effective in the US, 66% in Latin America, and 57% in South Africa: averaging these meta results yields an “overall” (mean) of 66% effective (note that empirically this estimate is only valid for Latin America):

(1/27/21) Putin warns that tensions and uncertainty associated with the Pandemic may induce a war of “all against all” (WWIII):

(1/27/21) AstraZeneca discounts criticism received regarding unmet delivery expectations (, and a bomb disposal unit has been called in to the Wrexham Industrial estate, where Oxford-AstraZeneca anti-coronavirus vaccine is made and stored (

(1/26/21) Germany, Bavaria, Austria and France advocate wearing (K)N95 or FFP2 facemasks in public:

(1/26/21) Continuing mistakes made by private-sector vaccine producers jeopardize immunization efforts:

(1/24/21) Concern that mRNA COVID-19 vaccine may be related to infertility in women:

(1/23/21) Senior British doctors criticize impromptu vaccine inter-dose-timing strategy:

(1/22/21) Cholesterol-reducing medications reduce the likelihood of infection:

(1/22/21) The possibility of immune escape:

(1/20/21) Israel reports single shot of Pfizer vaccine is less effective than was expected:

(1/18/21) L452R coronavirus variant was first identified in Denmark:

(1/18/21) L452R coronavirus variant is responsible for at least 90 new cases in San Jose, California:

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