FORUM: Pandemic Updates

Linked news articles cover ontogenesis of Pandemic microbes, prevention and mitigation efforts, and substantive repercussions. Some of the linked articles cite topically-relevant scientific publications. Posts are ordered from most (top) to least (bottom) current.

(7/20/2021): Nightmare scenario unfolding:

(7/28/2021): Many giant corporations requiring employee vaccination:

(7/16/2021): Counter-productive mask-wearing decision-making by US and UK chief administrators:

(7/9/2021): Cases rise 71% in one week in California:

(7/8/2021): Indonesia under assault:

(7/8/2021): Delta variant is now taking-hold internationally:

(7/7/2021): Is the worst yet to come?

(6/24/2021): Say hello to Delta-Plus:

(5/10/2021): India’s crisis threatens to decrease international trade and global economic recovery:

(5/10/2021): The reward for selfish disregard of others in a shrinking world:

(4/12/2021): New polypeptide could provide universal protection against coronaviruses:

(4/1/2021): Continuing vaccine manufacturing errors are bizarre–are quality assurance engineers “working from home”?:

(3/30/2021): Canada advises not administering Oxford-AstraZeneka COVID vaccine to adults UNDER 55 years old due to blood clotting concerns:

(3/30/2021): Mutations hypothesized to render current vaccines ineffective within one year:

(3/30/2021):: Double mutation variant in India:

(3/29/2021): COVID-related pandemic of burn-out among researchers and health-care workers:

(3/25/2021): Many political leaders and scientists express distrust of Oxford-AstraZeneka reports regarding vaccine efficacy:

(3/25/2021): Oxford-AstraZeneka “analyses” are a moving target–thus far consistently reporting inaccurate (inflated) efficacy–thereby eroding distrust among scientists, politicians, and consumers:

(3/24/2021): New variant discovered in India:

(3/23/2021): FDA agrees with NIAID, Oxford-AstraZeneka analysis for US trial is inadequate:

(3/23/2021): “The Data and Safety Monitoring Board “expressed concern that AstraZeneca may have included outdated information from that trial, which may have provided an incomplete view of the efficacy data,” the statement said.”:

(3/22/2021): Vitamin D:

(3/20/2021): Cats infected with COVID variant:

(3/15/2021) “Marsha Rosner from the University of Chicago in Illinois and colleagues found that cannabidiol (CBD) and its metabolite 7-OH-CBD potently blocked SARS-CoV-2 replication in lung epithelial cells.”:

(3/13/2021) COVID-19 and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome:

(3/11/2021) “around 30 percent — of survivors of any medical condition report high rates of fatigue, sleep disturbance, brain fog, pain, depression, and anxiety that interfere with their ability to live fully”

(3/11/2021) Denmark and Norway suspend use of Oxford-AstraZeneka vaccine due to reports of blood clots:

(2/22/2021) Severity and scope of long-term consequences of COVID-19 infection described as “second pandemic”:

(2/21/2021) What terminal patients with severe COVID-19 infection experience:

(2/20/2021) New variant now in 13 countries, including US:

(2/19/2021) People who recovered from COVID-19 infection should have ONE vaccine shot:

(2/18/2021) 130 nations have received zero vaccine–this callous disregard of richer nations for poorer nations threatens to create a virus-storm of multiple mutation and recombination events:

(2/17/2021) Initial evidence of mutant recombination of COVID-LA and COVID-UK:

(2/15/2021) The appearance of so many similar COVID-19 mutations at the same time around the world is remarkable, already accounting for 2,327 of 102,462 genomes deposited to GISAID from the USA:

(2/11/2021) Almost unanimous shortcomings and failures make it increasingly clear that global decision-making concerning global events such as pandemics must exclude ALL politicians from any aspect of the decision-making process:

(2/7/21) A tragedy unfolding in Brazil today, which has world-wide implications:

(2/6/21) The link between climate change and coronavirus:

(2/6/21) Leaving anyone unvaccinated allows the virus a free-hand at mutation:

(2/2/21) Germany, Austria, France and Sweden restrict Oxford-AstraZeneka vaccine to people under 65 years of age–an established risk factor for serious complications and negative outcomes:

(2/2/21) Russian vaccine trial reports excellent results:

(1/31/21) Israeli who recovered from COVID-19 now infected with COVID-South Africa:

(1/30/21) US Congressman tests positive for COVID-19 after having had both Pfizer vaccine shots:

(1/30/21) CDC (finally) issues mask mandate for all transportation modalities in US:

(1/29/21) Johnson & Johnson reports their one-shot COVID-19 vaccine was 72% effective in the US, 66% in Latin America, and 57% in South Africa: averaging these meta results yields an “overall” (mean) of 66% effective (note that empirically this estimate is only valid for Latin America):

(1/27/21) Putin warns that tensions and uncertainty associated with the Pandemic may induce a war of “all against all” (WWIII):

(1/27/21) AstraZeneca discounts criticism received regarding unmet delivery expectations (, and a bomb disposal unit has been called in to the Wrexham Industrial estate, where Oxford-AstraZeneca anti-coronavirus vaccine is made and stored (

(1/26/21) Germany, Bavaria, Austria and France advocate wearing (K)N95 or FFP2 facemasks in public:

(1/26/21) Continuing mistakes made by private-sector vaccine producers jeopardize immunization efforts:

(1/24/21) Concern that mRNA COVID-19 vaccine may be related to infertility in women:

(1/23/21) Senior British doctors criticize impromptu vaccine inter-dose-timing strategy:

(1/22/21) Cholesterol-reducing medications reduce the likelihood of infection:

(1/22/21) The possibility of immune escape:

(1/20/21) Israel reports single shot of Pfizer vaccine is less effective than was expected:

(1/18/21) L452R coronavirus variant was first identified in Denmark:

(1/18/21) L452R coronavirus variant is responsible for at least 90 new cases in San Jose, California:

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